Update on our 2019 Matric Results | Maritzburg College

Update on our 2019 Matric Results

Update on our 2019 Matric Results

We are proud of our high-fliers…

Following the release of the NSC re-mark results, College is proud to announce updated results for our high-fliers.

  • Z Ismail now has 7 As (8 of our boys achieved this)
  • M Badat now has 6As (7 boys achieved this)
  • A Abdool, MD Ryan and RR Himwanth now have 5As (7 boys achieved this)
  • DM Evans, TA Gouws,Keaav Naidoo, CG Schultz and NT Zakwe now have 3As (16 boys achieved this)

The number of Bachelor passes increased to 206 (82.4%)

The number of Subject distinctions, increased by 16 to 349.

Therefore, an updated list of our top achievers for 2019 is as follows:


7 Distinctions Y Akoo, J Collocott, LA Diedricks, SS Dlamini, M Essack, H Heeralal, JR McFarland,
Z Ismail
6 Distinctions MY Akoob, AD Budke, CC McKenzie, SE Mntungwa, ST Soorju, UBM Zuma, M Badat
5 Distinctions TS Govindasamy, , CW Knight, NFG Lushozi, N Msiya, A Abdool, RR Himwanth, MD Ryan
4 Distinctions TR Drummond, A Essa, , CDG Martin, , KN Smith
3 Distinctions LJJ Barnard, MTK Dlamini, DKH Dyer, K Harischandre, A Karrim, L Lenz, JM Maharaj, F Mahomed, LH Menezies, Z Saayman, V Soni, DM Evans, TA Gouws, K Naidoo, CG Schultz, NT Zakwe