Weekend Sport vs Michaelhouse: 8 February | Maritzburg College

Weekend Sport vs Michaelhouse: 8 February

Weekend Sport vs Michaelhouse: 8 February

College vs MHS

On a weekend that was marred by bad weather, Maritzburg College’s basketball and waterpolo teams were in action against Michaelhouse, although all our cricket fixtures had to be cancelled.



Although our outdoor matches were cancelled due to the weather, there was plenty of action on the indoor courts against Michaelhouse, with College winning 11 of their 17 matches

1st team report (Jenny Orchard)

Twenty-four games were due to be played against Michaelhouse in the main but due to the inclement weather only thirteen games were happened. As cricket had been cancelled the Alan Paton Hall was packed with College supporters for most of the day.

There was much hype in the build up to the first team game as College had never managed a win against this ‘House side. With stellar players like JC Oelefse and B Sithole in their side College knew that it would be a tough encounter. All-in-all it was a low scoring match with the first period ending with College 6 – 2 ahead. It was in the second quarter that Michaelhouse gained a narrow lead of 4 points. The low score was the result of a tight defence by the College outfit with Caleb Janse van Rensburg and Qalakahle Mkhize rebounding very effectively. The final whistle drew an end to the match with the match tied at 27 – 27. This resulted in the game going into a 5-minute overtime and it was in this period where the College offense and decision making was lacking. With both sides on team fouls the game could go either way. Michaelhouse remained calm and managed to seal the game by beating College 34 – 38.

The score is not what the game will be remembered by but the incredible spirit and camaraderie shown between the two schools. The drum-off at half time between the two schools entertained the spectators and typified the vibrant nature of a basketball match. At the end of the day it was basketball that was victorious.

Summary of Results

Team Opposition Score Result
1st Michaelhouse 1st 34 – 38 Lost
2nd Michaelhouse 2nd 26 – 13 Won
3rd Michaelhouse 3rd 16 – 26 Lost
4th Michaelhouse 4th 20 – 36 Lost
5th Michaelhouse 5th 29 – 12 Won
6th Michaelhouse 6th 13 – 30 Lost
7th Michaelhouse 7th 0 – 0 Cancelled
2nd St Nicholas Diocesan School 1st 38 – 30 Won
U16a Michaelhouse U16a 36 – 27 Won
U16b Michaelhouse U16b 41 – 15 Won
U16c Michaelhouse U16c 0 – 0 Match Canceled
U16d Michaelhouse U16d 0 – 0 Match Canceled
U16e Michaelhouse U16e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15a St Nicholas Diocesan School U15a 32 – 19 Won
U15a Michaelhouse U15a 16 – 23 Lost
U15b Michaelhouse U15b 42 – 14 Won
U15c Michaelhouse U15c 28 – 16 Won
U15d Michaelhouse U15d 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15e Michaelhouse U15e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U15f Kearsney College U15f 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14b St Nicholas Diocesan School U14a 29 – 5 Won
U14d St Nicholas Diocesan School U14b 37 – 7 Won
U14a Michaelhouse U14a 43 – 28 Won
U14b Michaelhouse U14b 13 – 14 Lost
U14c Michaelhouse U14c 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14d Michaelhouse U14d 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14e Michaelhouse U14e 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
U14f Kearsney College U14f 0 – 0 Match Cancelled
Summary  Played 17, Won 11, Lost 6




Our College water polo teams played 8 matches against Michaelhouse over the weekend, winning 4 of these.

1st team report (Darren Sherriff)

On Saturday the College 1st waterpolo side took on Michaelhouse at home, on a day that was marred by bad weather, but we were able to play the match. Michaelhouse was first to get on the scoreboard. This made it hard for the College side to play catch up. College fought back and narrowed the score line but it was Michaelhouse who kept their lead and eventually won 8-9.

Summary of Results

Team Opposition Score Result
1st Michaelhouse 1st 8 – 9 Lost
3rd Michaelhouse 3rd 0 – 0 Cancelled Due To Lightning
2nd Michaelhouse 2nd 8 – 2 Won
4th Michaelhouse 4th 5 – 4 Won
5th Michaelhouse 5th 8 – 7 Won
U15a Michaelhouse U15a 4 – 7 Lost
U15b Michaelhouse U15b 5 – 4 Won
U14a Michaelhouse U14a 5 – 7 Lost
U14b Michaelhouse U14c 7 – 9 Lost 7-9
Played 8
Won 4
Lost 4



Our boys competed in the 4th KZN league over the weekend with some very good individual results:

Boys 15 3000m J Werth 11:51.40, Z Moore 12:01.80

Boys 15 200m Y Mchunu 26.20

Boys Discus M Mafanya 29.56m, N Nxumalo 25.95, T Zondi 22.70

Boys 17 200m S Malila 25.10, N Dladle 25.20, A Barnard 25.50, D Jacobsz 25.80, J Schütte 26.00

Boys 19 200m J Squires 24.40, N Zuma 24.40

Boys 15 800m J Pope 2:25.10, J Werth 2:29.20

Boys 17 800m A Ndlovu 2:33.20

Boys 19 300mhur Y Mchunu 54.20



College participated in an exciting Surf Ski race on the weekend posting excellent results:

Men’s Overall

3rd – B Van Der Walt
Long Course
Juniors 1st – B Tarr

Short Course
3rd Overall & 1st Junior  – N Cook
2nd J Cumming
3rd J Bense

Unfortunately, the Bushman’s Delight race was cancelled due to a flooding river and lightning.



College played golf against Hilton over the weekend. The 1st team lost 3-5 and the 2nd team drew 4-4.


E Sports

College’s League of legends lost to Westville



Our swimming team took part in the Westville Invitational Gala last week finishing in 11th place.



College’s squash team took part in a tournament over the weekend playing 5 schools. In four of these, College was victorious. A special congratulations to Nic McFarland who was unbeaten in his 5 matches


vs St Andrews Bloem Won 4 matches to 2                                 
M Darch  3-2 won
C White  3-2 won
S Strydom 3-0 won
N Mc Farland  3-0 won
S Maharaj  1-3 lost
A Premchund  0-3 lost
vs Menlo Park Won 4 matches to 2                           
M Darch 3-2 won
C White 3-2 won
S Strydom 3-0 won
N Mc Farland 3-2 won
S Maharaj 1-3 lost
A Premchund 0-3 lost
vs St Andrews Grahamstown Won 6 matches to 0                     
M Darch 3-0 won
C White 3-0 won
S Strydom 3-0 won
N Mc Farland 3-0 won
S Maharaj 3-0 won
A Premchund 3-0 won
vs Grey High Lost 1 match to 5                            
M Darch 2-3 lost
C White 0-3 lost
S Strydom 2-3 lost
N Mc Farland 3-0 won
S Maharaj 0-3 lost
A Premchund 0-3 lost
vs St Stithians Won 6 matches to 0                        
M Darch 3-0 won
C White 3-0 won
S Strydom 3-1 won
N Mc Farland 3-1 won
S Maharaj 3-1 won
A Premchund 3-0 won