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Welcome to Term 2

Welcome to Term 2


(The link to watch this assembly is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6xjN_ZA_Sc)

 Good morning  gentlemen and a very special word of welcome back to all 6th formers who are the first to return  As we welcome everyone to this virtual assembly and what will become the ‘new normal’ ,  we begin this dedication assembly with a short video and comment from Rev Lindscott [OC 1990 and former parent]

Rev Lindscott (video)

Reunion at College is a time where Old Collegians gather and share memories, battle stories from their school days and celebrate special milestone years. It is time of significant camaraderie. Unfortunately, the traditional College Reunion could not be held last week due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions. This year, our boys, our senior prefects and captains shared what Reunion Week meant to them on Papes, AB Jackson and Basher Ridge.

Today you are celebrating another type of reunion after almost 10 weeks . You are reconnecting as 6th Formers with not only your peers but also with your teachers , mentors, and coaches,  whom many of you would not have had any personal interaction with for a very long time – certainly not face–to-face. We are hopeful that we will be able to celebrate a Reunion of sorts later in the year and we will do everything possible to ensure that this happens.

Rev Collin Moore will now present his dedication assembly message via video

Many thanks Rev Moore

 Van Heerden will now say the School Prayer

 It is wonderful that we can welcome all the 6th form back at our beloved College campus, but as the 6th form you have an added responsibility; you are the pioneers as you are the first to return to College. You require a pioneering spirit as leaders [prefects, house leaders, house captains, captains of sport and culture, mentors]  and need to have courage to show the way, commitment to stick to the task, and ingenuity [school is not the same as it used to be – there is now a new normal]. There is of course additional pressure, and at times it will be frustrating and possibly scary as you charter these new waters. But you can take heart in the fact that you are not on your own. You have your teachers, your housemasters, mentors, your peers and your parents to help you through this very difficult period. You have already missed out on so much, and we are committed to ensuring that we will rescue as much of your final year as is physically possible and will work together with you to do so. We are of course unfortunately governed by the regulations of the various lockdown levels and hopefully we will get to Level 1 in the not too distant future, when so much more is possible.

I want to compliment all of you for the manner in which you have tackled the demands and expectations of your teachers through online learning and for doing your best under difficult conditions and circumstances.

Your self-discipline and commitment have been severely tested, and on a positive note, it should place you in a good position for next year when you are doing tertiary studies. Well done!

Mrs Finnie feels quite strongly that that this year should be the best NSC results ever – no pressure gentlemen. Many of your parents have commented how much you have worked which is only a good thing. Let’s maintain this work ethic as you move through the remainder of 2020.

The following Irish Blessing should serve as a source of encouragement for you.




Term 2 2020 Resignations

 It is always sad when we need to say farewell to staff who resign to move onto new chapters in their lives. On this point we farewell the following two staff

  1. Director of College Business Tsepang Setipa (26 May 2020)

Mr Tsepang Setipa, our Director of College Business  has been appointed to a senior position in the holding company of Digi Corporate and will be based in PTA and was farewelled last week. We thank him sincerely for all his efforts in College Business and wish him every success in his new role. and thank him sincerely. Mr Kevin Smith will be stepping in as the Office Manager of CB until further notice, but will still retain the dual role of Director of Rugby

  1. School Counsellor Mrs Renee Wulfsohn (Mid June)

It is also an opportune moment to introduce our new school counsellor  Cassidy-Mae Griffiths who joined us from private practice at the beginning of April .  She has had excellent relevant experience dealing with young boys and men in a correctional centre in the Western Cape and will work closely with Mrs Wulfsohn over the next two weeks before Mrs Wulfsohn leaves us,. We will acknowledge Mrs Wulfsohn appropriately in the next week or two


Term 2 2020 Appointments

Mr Francois Maritz joins us from Monument Primary as a very experienced LO and Phys ED teacher and will also be a BE master. He will also have a big role to play in the co-curricular dimension of College

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the threat to certain teaching staff health one or two staff will not be physically present when they teach you and others require rigid social distancing to be enforced and respected please. The details of that will be forthcoming. A big thank you to the staff who are helping out due to this situation.

 Births: Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ryan and Myrlin Kyle on the birth of a baby boy, Cade.



Thank you to the Subject heads /HODs /EXCO and particularly Mrs Finnie, Mr James Maistry and the IT team for the incredible amount of work done encouraging, cajoling, supporting and in Mrs F’s case whipping all the staff and boys  into action and keeping us all focussed on our academic programme and endeavour. Thank you to all the academic staff for their efforts too in very difficult circumstances. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.


Wellness and Mental Health –   this is going to be crucial going forward and regular meaningful contact must be maintained through the school counsellors, housemasters, mentors and your peers or close friends , parents  as you deal with issues relating to stress, anxiety, motivation etc. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO SEEK HELP IF YOU NEED IT. We are here to support you!


Thank you to Mrs Upfold and everyone who has contributed to the numerous video clips , posts etc that have certainly assisted in keeping the spirits up. Many thanks to Messrs Stickless, Swart, Marwick, the senior prefects, 1st team captains and Digi College TV crew for their help for the Reunion Week videos. I hope you will all enjoy the ‘new normal’ of virtual assemblies. The most recent video on Covid Prep has gone viral. Much new talent amongst our staff and boys has been unearthed which is to be celebrated.

 COVID -19

We collectively owe a huge debt of gratitude to Messrs Swart , Kyle, Hackland, Talke, Sister Townsend, and Mesdames Emerson,  Tivers and many  other members of COVID Committee. They have worked tirelessly over the past five weeks or more  doing a huge amount of background research, investigation and the implementation of policies on largely unfamiliar territory,  to ensure that our campus, classrooms, dining room and all the BEs are COVID compliant and ready to receive our staff and boys.

Mr Swart will now address you on key matters pertaining to COVID-19 regulations within the school environment.

Thank you very much once again to Mr Swart and the COVID team.


Wish you all a very good week and a successful and enjoyable term.

Please stand as we sing the College anthem with passion and renewed energy.