9th March 2019

Durban High School

11th May 2019

Westville Boys High School

25th May 2019


8th June 2019

Pretoria Boys High

20th July 2019

The History Of Rugby At College

Founded in 1863, College played its first rugby match in 1870, against Hermannsburg. Playing under Winchester rules, College won by two goals to nil and rugby quickly became the game of choice at College. Apart from a short period of time in the 1880s and 1890s, when soccer enjoyed a considerable following, it has remained the most popular winter sport at College.

In the 1920s and 1930s College rugby took a downturn in terms of both popularity and results. This was soon rectified after the Second World War when, under the guidance of the legendary Skonk Nicholson, College re-established itself as the premier rugby school in Natal.

Today the school fields up to 25 teams and participates in the foremost rugby festivals in the country. Five overseas tours have been undertaken, most recently to New Zealand in 2007.
The following College Old Boys have played international rugby:

For South Africa: EH Shum (1912-13), Wally Clarkson (1921-24), Bill Payn (1924),
BE Vanderplank (1924), Philip Nel (1928-37), George van Reenen (1937),
Keith Oxlee (1960-65), Ormond Taylor (1962), Andy van der Watt (1969-71),
Joel Stransky (1993-96), Jeremy Thomson (1996), Pieter Dixon (2000),
Butch James (2001-08), Peter Grant (2007-08), Jessie Kriel (2015)
For England: Hubert Freakes (1938-39), Geoff Appleford (2002), Don Armand (2018)
For Zimbabwe: Brenton Catterall (1991)
For United States: Juan Grobler (1997-01), Chad Erskine (2005-07)
For Italy: Wim Visser (1999-2002)
For Germany: Frank Goedeke (1996-98), Marcel Coetzee (2009)
For Cyprus: Andrew Binikos (2009)
For Spain: Andrew Norton (2019)

The History Of Hockey At College

Hockey has only had official sport status at Maritzburg College since 1974. Since then the game has grown in stature with College having had the honour of having been the first school in South Africa to lay an artificial surface on its premises and at the end of 2018 the astroturf was resurfaced.

Since 1951, College has had 34 Old Boys picked to play for South Africa, more International players than any school in the world, including 3 captains. In April 2018, Tyson Dlungwana, Siya Nolutshungu and Tevin Kok represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and later in the year Taine Paton, Tyson Dlungwana, Tommy Hammond and Peabo Lembethe, who earned his first cap, represented South Africa at the World Cup in India.


The school has now produced 100 SA Schools Caps in its history with 91 of these having been earned since 1980. Last year, there were five 1st XI players who were selected for the SA Schools U18 team who played against Australia in a 3 match series, namely; J Campbell, M Maphumulo, A Walstroom, A Bradford and S Ngcongo. Two boys were named in the SA U17 High Performance Squad and Four boys were selected for the SA U16 High Performance Camp. M Maphumulo and J Campbell enjoyed an exciting opportunity last year when they travelled to Algiers and represented the SA Hockey 5s team in at the Youth African Games where they won gold.

9th March


In 2012 College renewed rugby ties with Northwood for the first time since 2004. The first encounter took place in 1956 when Northlands, a then recently established co-ed school, had been created to serve the needs of a growing Durban population. At the end of 1989 Northlands amalgamated with Beachwood to create Northwood.  College has never lost to Northwood, but some of the results have been close. In 1988 the unbeaten College side trailed Northlands until late in the game, and College escaped with a late penalty. Three matches between the schools have been drawn. There has been a revival of rugby at Northwood, and we are thrilled to welcome our friends from Durban North back to Goldstone’s. Last year, at Northwood, under lights, in a war of attrition, College ran out 10-6 winners.  

Played 45, College won  42, Matches drawn 3

NUMBER Northwood 1st XV Northwood 2nd XV Northwood 16A
15 N Makhaza J Chingonga U Mayekiso
14 S Mlenzana M Bumberry S Sikhakane
13 L Majola S Dinhidza N Madela
12 J Henseljin T Nyangani L Mxalisa
11 K Fourie M MOngemazulu T Kavhura
10 JP du Preez C Getkate K Peti
9 L Cornelius M Shoba T Hungwe
8 R Mfakadolo O Osunkwo N Myeni
7 S Ndlovu (C) D Currie K Brown
6 S Mpendu W Chininga M Barter (C)
5 C Bigwood H van Heerden E Stoole
4 P Honing T Wright (c) C Sparks
3 V Matongo Z van Staden C Masiwa
2 D van Huizen M Myburgh T Donkin
1 R Francis J Hilliar Z Nte
NUMBER Maritzburg College 1st XV Maritzburg College 2nd XV Maritzburg College U16A
15 J van der Walt J Hendrikz J Walden
14 T Ablant P Ndlovu S Radu
13 S Kekana ( c ) G Xaba S Goebel
12 P Simamane K Morsink L Mtshali
11 K Hadebe B Nene M Hlatswayo
10 A Nzimande S Zunkel J Beauclerk (vc)
9 H Trodd D Cooper W Jacobs
8 B Tedder B Webster S Pretorius
7 H Corbett H Hankinson C Williamson
6 M Dlangalala S Pinkiney W Pretorius
5 S Ningiza JR Ayliffe J van der Merwe
4 M King T Mbatha D Botha
3 T Trollip A Breedt R Swift
2 D Meuwese M Mndaweni Q Pitout
1 C Dlamini J Brink C Thunder (capt)
COACH   C. Fraser and R le Roux D Sherriff and R Cheringende T. Orchard and L. Booysen
Team Opposition Venue Time Score
1st Northwood Goldstones 15:20  26-30
2nd Northwood Goldstones 14:10  20-7
3rd Northwood Goldstones 12:00  54-0
4th Northwood Goldstones 11:00  53-0 
5th Newton Development Goldstones 10:00  50-0
6th Northwood 5th Goldstones 09:00  44-0
7th Carter 1st Goldstones 08:00  19-5
8th Northwood 6th Nicholsons 10:00  76-3
9th Hilton 6ths Nicholsons 11:00  31-7
10th Hilton 7ths Nicholsons 12:00  59-12
16A Northwood Goldstones 13:00  22-7
16B Northwood Snows 11:00  66-0
16C Development Nicholsons 13:00  57-0
16D Northwood 16C Nicholsons 09:00  62-10
16E College 16F Nicholsons 08:00  31-17
16F College 16E Nicholsons 08:00  17-31
15A Northwood Snows 10:00  13-5
15B Northwood Snows 12:00  33-15
15C Newton Development Lamonds 10:00  98-0
15D Northwood 15C Lamonds 09:00  46-10
15E Northwood 15D Lamonds 08:00  51-12
15F TBC  
14A Northwood Snows 09:00  36-5
14B Northwood Snows 08:00  29-7
14C Northwood Leaches 10:00  51-0
14D Northwood Leaches 09:00  53-7
14E Combined with F Leaches    
14F Northwood E Leaches 08:00  


The first match between College and Northwood was played in 1998 and today will only be the 19th time the two first teams have met. College have never lost to Northwood, winning 16 of the matches and the last 2 encounters have ended in a draw.

We are looking forward to opening the newly resurfaced astro turf today as we take on Northwood for our first fixture of the 2019 Hockey season.



NUMBER Northwood 1st XI Northwood 2nd XI Northwood 16A
1 CL Baird SL Banda AD Chislett
2 D Ferreira MB Bricknell D Eswarlal
3 DJ Hill NW Bright L Gomes
4 TB Laaks SL Carnie JW Hooper
5 J Martins PH de Beer K Northend
6 DA McIlroy JR Dunnington N Pretorius
7 KG McIlroy CJ Ferguson B Bergset
8 QM McKenzie DA Gomes LJ Ellis
9 C Sarafidis AAK Hamid ET Grace
10 R Steele JT McIlwraith BL van der Linde
11 T Tomsett ZMS Msomi T Capell
12 MH von Blerk K Naidoo JD Cotterell
13 F Whittle RM Schafer ML Jagga
15 NJ Wright MK Taylor RL McNally
NUMBER College 1st XI College 2nd XI College U16A
1 S Ngcongo D van Niekerk R Marais
2 B Jackson R Will R Dobeyn
3 D Godleman C Stubbs M Ponter
4 M Veenstra K Tullis C Mckean
5 T Francis S Paxton O Field
6 L Lenz W Andriessen C Osborne
7 G Pio © J Andriessen A Mthalane
8 T Baker L Kunene A Styan
9 T Prinsloo S Mntungwa C Lalor
10 S Ngcobo A Zonde J Jansen
11 D Bruyns C Shaw R Crookes
12 Q Lupton-Smith B Gumede C van der Vliet
13 H Askew C Mtolo T Conolly
14 R Akerman R Graham
15 R Brokensha A Carter
16 L Jansen van Vuuren
COACH D Coombes C Nevay K Emerson
Team Opponents Venue Time Score
1st Northwood Papes Astro 10:15  4-1
2nd Northwood Papes Astro 11:35  2-1
3rd Northwood ABJ Astro 11:00  2-1
4th Northwood ABJ Astro 10:00  1-1
5th Northwood ABJ Astro 13:00  3-2
6th Hilton Hilton 4th 09:00  1-1
16A Northwood Papes Astro 09:00  4-2
16B Northwood Papes Astro 12:45  1-1
16C Northwood ABJ Astro 08:00  6-0
16D Northwood ABJ Astro 12:00  1-2
16E Northwood UKZN Astro 11:00  1-0
16F Northwood UKZN Astro 12:00  5-1
16G Northwood UKZN Astro 13:00  0-0
14A Northwood Papes Astro 08:00  2-2
14B Northwood Papes Astro 13:50  
14C Northwood ABJ Astro 09:00  4-0
14D Northwood UKZN Astro 08:00  8-0
14E Northwood UKZN Astro 09:00  3-0
14F Northwood 16 I UKZN Astro 10:00  2-1


08:00 First matches kick off
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch for coaches in the Victoria Hall
Post Match Function for Coaches and Staff at Goldstones

All parents, scholars, supporters and visitors are invited to enjoy refreshments at the following venues:


    • Freshly cooked burgers, chips and soft drinks


    • Tuck shop fare


    • Tea, coffee & light snacks (10h00 & 13h30)
    • College ‘Cheese Zarms’ and soft drinks


    • Tea, coffee and light snacks (10h00 – 11h30)


    • Speciality Coffee, Iced Coffee, Smoothies and soft drinks
    • Muffins and Croissants


  • THE COLLEGE SHOPPE: Open from 08h00 to 12h00 (School uniform and College memorabilia)
  • MC CLUB SHOP: Situated at Goldstone’s for supporter wear and College memorabilia.
  • THE COLLEGE MUSEUM: Open from 09h00 to 12h00 near the school reception. This is well worth a visit and contains fascinating items and information about the history of this glorious old school.

Code of conduct when watching sport
Maritzburg College promotes sport for the enjoyment derived there from, and for the contribution it makes towards the total development of the child. Maritzburg College encourages spectators to adhere to the following:


  • Encourage the players to play by the rules.
  • Encourage and applaud good play from both teams competing in the match.
  • Support the umpires and referees in every respect.
  • Stay off the field of play at all times.
  • Assist the players (off the field) with positive coaching.

Please Don’t:

  • Promote cheating or bending of the rules.
  • Reprimand players for mistakes.
  • Publicly question the referee’s decisions.
  • Promote “winning at all costs”.
  • Abuse referees / players / fellow spectators.

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