The Pastoral Care Programme at Maritzburg College

Pastoral Care at Maritzburg College is a whole-school programme working towards building a community within the school, creating supportive systems and positive relations between all members of the Maritzburg College community, and promoting a strong ethos of mutual care and concern – a brotherhood or a sense of brothers for life.

At Maritzburg College, our programme aims to enhance for each boy his:

  • health, safety and well-being
  • academic growth
  • development of self-discipline
  • building of resilience
  • gaining of self-confidence in social interactions
  • practising of leadership

The Pastoral Care structure at Maritzburg College consists of:

  • A House system of 10 Houses, providing leadership, support and guidance to each boy by an experienced House staff, consisting of a Housemaster, Assistant Housemaster, Mentors (teachers), House Captains and House Leaders (pupils). A pupil’s House is his home base for his entire time at Maritzburg College, with the same mentor and many of the same peers.
  • A Counselling Department
  • A Leadership Department
  • Career Guidance and Development Department
  • A Sanatorium, with trained medical personal

The Pastoral Care programme’s focus has:

  • an individual focus with reaction, intervention and prevention programmes in place to serve pupils with difficulties or challenges in their lives.
  • a formal Pastoral Care curricula educating boys on College values and psycho-social issues during formalised, timetabled Mentoring lessons.
  • mentoring on a one on one basis during some Mentoring lessons to build a healthy pupil-staff relationship.
  • a peer support and mentoring system (Big Brothers) enhancing the academic, mentoring and leadership programmes.
  • healthy House competitions in academic, sport and cultural spheres throughout the year.
  • the capacity for individuals to pursue leadership opportunities and to attend leadership camps.
  • behaviour management systems to ensure a disciplined school environment, ultimately leading to individual self-discipline.
  • a Merit system to acknowledge individual achievements and performance.
  • extra mural development in either the sporting or cultural spheres
  • taking up community service responsibilities, including out Interact and Outreach programmes.

Career Guidance

More and more, boys require information and advice as to what may be ‘out there’ for them in the real world. Our new Pupil Development Centre includes an up to date and accessible career guidance facility where boys may explore various career options, subject choices and the various entrance requirements for tertiary educational institutions. Representatives from tertiary educational institutions visit this Centre to offer presentations to our learners. A member of staff is employed on a full time basis to offer backup, guidance and support to the learners.


A full time pupil Guidance Counselor is on hand, should learners require social and emotional counselling. The counselling facility is housed within the Pupil Development Centre and is accessible to all boys. This counselling extends to boarder pupils after hours with the Counselor being resident on the premises.