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Headmaster’s Desk

Headmaster’s Desk

Dear Parents and Guardians

We had our final dedication assembly today where numerous final awards, prizes and acknowledgements were presented and announced and it was very disappointing and embarrassing to note that a large number of recipients were not present. In total there were over 400 boys absent which is totally unacceptable.

May I remind you that your son’s attendance at school is compulsory until the last day which is tomorrow, which culminates in one of the highlights of the calendar year with our Academic Prize-Giving for F2 – F5. Due to the fact that we are a marking centre, the boys are already benefiting from an additional 14 days holidays.

There will be a follow – up on the absent boys through Mr Dorling, the housemasters and Ms Hackland and your son will require an official note to explain why he was not at school today. No note will result in a punishment as he is ultimately truant.

May I ask that you follow the law of the land and ensure that you son is at school.


Chris Luman


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