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Bringing Life to Learning

Khanyisa Outreach

Maritzburg College launched the Khanyisa Outreach Programme in 2009. This was done to address concerns around poor learner performance in Maths, Physical Science, and English in Pietermaritzburg-based schools.

Khanyisa offers academic, social, and communal benefits to enrich the lives of learners and educators. Our focus is on under-resourced schools which have been identified by the Department of Education as needing assistance. Khanyisa aims to address the learner and educator needs arising from a lack of resources, high learner-to-educator-ratios, and other challenges.

Since its inception, Khanyisa has grown from a local programme to one with international aspirations – one that will embrace digital resources as a tool for learning.

Contributing to the Community

For over a decade, Maritzburg College has arranged learning materials, transport, lunch, and weekend classes for Grade 11 and 12 students from around Pietermaritzburg. Sponsored by Hulamin, we contribute towards promising futures through Maths, English and Science education.

The teacher component of Khanyisa brings educators into College classrooms once a week during the school term. The result of this time with our teachers enhances their abilities within their own classrooms. These teachers also commit to sharing the learning with colleagues at their own schools.

Khanyisa also provides the structure for our peer tutor programme. Top academic achievers in Form 5 and 6 at College provide peer tutoring on a voluntary basis, offering support to Khanyisa learners during their sessions. This highly-valued role assists the school and is a practical chance for boys to involve themselves in the meaning of outreach and the difference it can make to others.

Khanyisa Contact Info

Ms Thobeka Shata

Outreach Co-Ordinator, Khanyisa


033 342 9376

Learner and Educator Enrichment

At College, the pursuit of academic excellence forms an indelible part of our culture. We are equally aware that our role as a leading academic institution need not be limited to College alone. Education plays an invaluable role in community-building – and so we aim to extend our ethos to schools around our community.

Many students traditionally encounter challenges in the fields of Maths, Physical Science, and English. These subjects are also critical to development and academic success. There is also a skills shortage in the scientific and mathematical fields – and programmes like these serve South Africa at large in growing these abilities in learners and teachers.

Continuous Education

The Khanyisa team is alive to the fact that the educational needs of our community are not limited to school-goers. As such, Khanyisa ‘s initiatives are evolving to include adult and online educational opportunities. Maritzburg College provides the educational resources and tools to help children and adults from around the country – and the world – to develop their skills.

The course materials created for the College Moodle and webinars support digital learning. College is partnering with local businesses and enterprises to offer training in Pietermaritzburg and surrounds. This includes working with the MCOBA network, who generously give of their time in support of this worthwhile project.

  • Hear from an Educator

    “Being part of Khanyisa was an incredible experience. I learnt new tactics of tackling the subject through my phenomenal facilitator, Mrs Mthembe, which enables my learners to obtain 100% pass rate in English and two subject distinctions.”


    Miss Shelembe from Bhekuximba High School
  • Hear from a Learner

    “The Khanyisa programme helped me improve my marks from level 2 in Mathematics and Physicals and level 6 in English. In all 3 of these subjects, I saw a great improvement. Mathematics went up to a level 3, Physical Science to a level 4 and English to a level. I’m grateful to the programme for assisting me.”

    Lungelo Ludidi

At College, we are proud of the work Khanyisa does in service to our community. Education empowers and these initiatives have the potential to change lives and make a difference to our communities.