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Online Learning

An evolving digital education forms a critical skills set boys will use across the different areas of their lives. At Maritzburg College, we provide our learners with a comprehensive range of digital resources to encourage independent learning and enhance the scope of the curriculum.

Information, Communication and Technology

Digital proficiency equips boys for the changing way we live and work in modern society. Maritzburg College realises the value of information, communication and technology in our school and community.

Technology is infused into every area of the academic curriculum, cultural activities and sporting environment. Digital tools have the potential to deeply enrich learning and bolster efficiency. Maritzburg College embraces and encourages the use of technology as an integral part of our everyday reality – with technology infused throughout boys’ school years. This develops analytical skills, encourages collaboration, and endorses a sense of global citizenship.

Learn Online on the Moodle

Technology is exciting – and offers huge value around information and communication within our school and community. If you’re excited about innovation, the Maritzburg College Moodle supports learning and keeps you connected.

Log on to the Moodle for:

  • Past papers
  • PowerPoints
  • Video links to lessons
  • Learning and Exam resources
  • Sport highlights


Streamlined Workflow for Education

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool in connecting teams and classes around the world. Maritzburg College has integrated this into the classroom, giving teachers unique insights into the workflow of each of their learners and a classroom management system that’s accessible from computers and all mobile devices.

File Storage for resources

Video lessons to reach students that are absent

File storage for PowerPoints, worksheets, papers

Creation and upload of assignments

Online marking and immediate feedback

Daily Planner for the class


Online Video Classes for Boys

Boys can learn at their own pace – and grow their knowledge base beyond the classroom – through our comprehensive video learning tools. Our YouTube channel empowers boys to learn at home, in their dorms, or anywhere. This gives them an online connection to the school at all times and serves to augment the syllabus.

Learning Management System

Through our Moodle, boys get online access to a full complement of learning tools – creating digital opportunities for extended learning.

College on YouTube

Video is an engaging and effective way to learn. Our YouTube channel features academic video lessons, sporting highlights, and marketing information.

Simplified Education Management

EdAdmin is an application which integrates administrative, teaching, learning and communication tasks into one user-friendly, custom-designed database – accessible by boys and parents over desktop or mobile.

College: Connected by WiFi

Wifi access extends to the academic school block, boarding houses, and indoor centre. Boys are encouraged to bring their own devices.

Computer Labs and Printing

College has three computer labs with the latest software. Additionally, all boys have access to printing and Office 365 programs to assist with daily school tasks.

In-House Tech Support

Boys have access to College’s Senior and Junior Network Administrators, IT Development Assistant, and the members of the TechSquad to keep them up and running.

Digital Learning in the Classroom

College has three iPad classes. The remainder of classes are bring-your-own-device and Teams, the Moodle, Khan Academy, and learning channels are used in the classroom.

Technologically Astute Staff

Our staff enjoy regular training and network sessions on the integration of technology in the classroom and use these tools for streamlined, structured learning.

Online Library & Reading Resources

College provides all boys with access to an extensive online library, as well as digital newspapers and magazines through Press Reader.