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Where Lifelong Friendships Begin

Nathan House

Boarding Begins at Nathan House

Nathan House is what our Grade 8 (2nd Form) boarders call home for their first year at College. Here, they are comfortable in their own space with their peers. Nathan House is home to Form 2 boys only, along with a specifically selected team of prefects who take up a mentorship role in the house.

There are 104 boys in Nathan House who are all divided into smaller core groups, each overseen by a dedicated boarder master. This allows for stronger relationships to develop with boarder masters, offering a support base to each boy, which ensures his wellbeing is taken care of.

Our Boarding House




The Nathan House team, under the leadership of the housemaster, strive to foster an environment in which “a brotherhood is forged, characters are refined, and gentlemen belong”.

This is done by imparting the foundational core values of the school and creating a culture that encourages self-discipline, respect, and civility. Such an environment offers the optimal conditions for young men to learn, develop, and grow. The boys enjoy a wonderful camaraderie as strong bonds are forged during their first year, leaving them with many treasured memories. Indeed, Nathan House is where lifelong friendships begin.

Housemaster Contact Details

Ron Barbour

Meet the Nathan Housemaster

Ron Barbour

Contact: barbourr@mcollege.co.za

  • Looking Up: Hear from a Nathan House Prefect

    “It’s been humbling for me to return to the house where my College career began. Nathan House is more than just a boarding establishment. It’s a home because of the family we are here. Our family starts with our fathers – our boarder masters – who guide us through obstacles and build bonds with us. The prefects are the older brothers who give our younger brothers – the Form 2s – advice on College life.

    In Nathan House, the Form 2s build a brotherhood that is different to any other at Maritzburg College. In Form 2, boys face challenges that build bonds between hearts that will never be broken. We experience our funniest and greatest memories in this home. Nathan House ensures that we know, even though we may be Form 2s, WE ARE STRONG AND WE BELONG.”


    Uyanda Maphumulo
    Nathan House prefect (2021)
  • Looking Forward: Hear from a Form 2

    Having left home for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect of this new way of living. It turned out to be amazing. You immediately make more friends than you ever would in such a short space of time because you are all living closely together. Everyone shares the same problems and uncertainty, but also the joys and fun. It is basically a year-long sleepover with all your friends. It is really so nice to have all the facilities available to you on this huge campus, such as the gym, the fields, and sports facilities. There is allocated time to work and time to relax, but you are always kept busy.

    Nathan House Student
  • Looking Home: Hear from a Nathan Parent

    During the December holidays, Daniel was given homework, which included learning all the prefects’ names, before he arrived at College. The big day dawned and we left our son in the care of College and, more specifically, Nathan House and Drikus. Each boarder boy has a 5th Form boy as a mentor, which is your channel of communication during the 3 weeks that your boy will spend being moulded as a College Second Former. We were kept informed regularly during this period about how the boys were faring and this included occasional photos. The College Community is very embracing – from parents’ groups to staff. The prefects who have the Nathan’s boys in their care are also very good with them. The House Staff are always in control and Daniel knew exactly where he stood as a new boarder.


     Nathan House Parent

The Layout of Nathan House

Built more than 100 years ago, the history of the Nathan House building can be seen in the many names engraved on its red brick walls over the years. There are many comfortable dormitories, housing between 6 and 26 boys, to allow for greater socialisation and the forging of new friendships. A large, well-equipped common room is found downstairs, offering the boys a comfortable, homely environment in which to relax and catch up at the end of the day, or watch the weekend’s sporting events.

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