Maritzburg College

Directing potential since 1863

A leading public boarding and day school for boys

Offering world-class academic, sporting and cultural programmes

An exceptional educational environment

That challenges and accommodates the individual

That challenges and accommodates the individual

A strong sense of community that is instilled in our boys

Promoting an ethos of care and support, where peers become brothers

To be a College boy is to be part of something much bigger

Maritzburg College is a way of life

Maritzburg College is not a school; it’s a way of life

Maritzburg College is a public school for boys situated in the capital of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Offering an exceptional educational environment that both challenges and accommodates the individual, Maritzburg College is committed to directing each boy’s potential while ensuring life-long learning and success.

Maritzburg College is a modern, relevant school that has embraced all that is best about South Africa’s ever-changing environment. It remains unashamedly rooted in its proud past, as it gazes confidently to the future. Our boys and staff remain committed to striving for excellence across all spheres of endeavour. What is more revealing is that they do so at a school that, for generations, has captured the undying loyalties and affections of thousands of its past pupils.


Maritzburg College Foundation

What is it in these walls,
that bonds the hearts of men?

Founded in 1863 as Pietermaritzburg High School, with a view to accommodating the influx of children arriving to the city and those from the surrounding farmlands, the school quickly established itself as one of the foremost senior schools for boys in KwaZulu-Natal.

At Maritzburg College, you will discover not only a strong sense of tradition, but a spirit of community, where both boys and staff create an environment in which character, integrity, compassion and excellence are guided and fostered.