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High Performance Centre

Maritzburg College has an abiding reputation for sporting excellence. The Ron Jury High Performance Centre is one of the eminent features amongst the school’s facilities. With a range of sporting professionals, indoor facilities, and gym, this is a hub for optimal physical development and conditioning of young sportsmen.

Health & Performance Institute at College

The Ron Jury High Performance center is managed by Ms. Zama Zweni of Maritzburg College in conjunction with Mr. Nick Pereira, director of Enhanced Physiotherapy. The school, in conjunction with the anchor tenant – embarked on a project to create a medical center to serve the boys and community of Maritzburg College, as well as the general public.

The medical center consists of physiotherapy, biokinetics as well as strength and conditioning and sport science services. All the clinicians have post graduate qualifications in their respective fields and use the latest medical technology and research for the assessment and management of injuries.

The vision of the center is to provide all boys with a service that will take them from injury, back to performance, as well as improving existing performance and reducing injury risk. The lead practitioners of the center are Cayley Johnson of Enhanced Physiotherapy, and Gareth Ford of Activ8 Endurance, assisted by the in-house Maritzburg College staff of Zama Zweni and Austin Landman.

As a collective we believe we offer the best facilities, and professionals at the disposal of the boys and broader Maritzburg College community.


Enhanced Physiotherapy Contact Details
Nick Pereira: nick@enhancedphysio.co.za
Cayley Johnson: cayley@enhancedphysio.co.za

Enhanced Sport Training

On the ground floor are cricket nets and a modern indoor gym with weight and circuit training areas for cardio. The gym is overseen by dedicated staff members and a trainer to watch over boys as they train.

Customised Training Programmes

Ensuring Every Boy Performs at His Best

The facilities in the High Performance Centre contribute to the superlative coaching standards at College. Every team and every coach has programmes for strength and core training to ensure peak physical development, out-of-season conditioning, and physical resilience. The centre is open to boys and staff during the school term and during the holidays.

Building Strength for Reduced Injuries

By making use of this outstanding equipment and resources, sports injuries are preventable and boys enjoy increased fitness levels and faster recovery time. This is achieved with the advice and guidance of trained professionals within the centre who are on-hand in the event of an injury.

Champion Lifestyles

During their high school years, lifelong habits are instilled. A consistent fitness programme forms a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and is the basis of sporting success. The Ron Jury High Performance Centre holds appeal for boys of all fitness levels to build strength and drill down on the best training for their preferred sporting discipline.

  • “Working in a high-performance environment aimed at accelerating the performance, sport enjoyment, and on-field performance of the boys at College is such an honour. Working day in and day out with world-class colleagues in a sports department serving the boys and the College community at large is an opportunity that many sporting professionals dream of. The facility is of the highest quality and gives College boys the best chance at winning on the field and staying safe, strong, and in peak physical condition. Only the latest science and evidence-based practice is implemented here and everyone involved is extremely proud of what we are building.”

    Neil van Biljon
    Head of Physiotherapy
  • “The Ron Jury High-Performance Centre plays a major role in our HP Squad’s physical development within the rugby programme.

    From the u14s through to the 1st XV, we utilise this facility to develop our boys’ physical preparation and movement patterns to excel on the field and to limit injuries.

    We now have fitter, faster, and stronger players who can play the game at a higher intensity and level. We also produce better, well-rounded athletes. This gives us the edge over the opposition.”

    Hein Kriek
    Director of Rugby

Achieving Excellence

Be a part of the school that is breaking away from the traditional approach to sports coaching and physical development.