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Housing the College Legacy

Clark House

Clark: Custodians of College Heritage & The College of the Future

A boarding house for Forms 3, 4, 5, and house prefects, Clark House was the original school building back in 1887. Every element of the College of today can be traced back to this building. Every boarder and staff member associated with Clark pledges himself to a code of honour; to live up to and preserve the legacy of this beautiful national monument. Though things may change around us, we will keep the flag flying to live and showcase what makes the school and especially the house so special. Throughout the Clark building, there is a sense of history and echoes of the past, coupled with an acute sense of belonging and optimism for what lies in store for its old red brick.

Our Boarding House




The future of this great house depends on us and we depend on this house for a family, for a safe haven, a home from home, and brothers for life.

In many ways, Clark House is emblematic of Maritzburg College in general. It merges the needs of modern young men with the gravity of College tradition and the spirit of duty in upholding the school’s good name. Every boy is instrumental in the house’s standards of excellence – both today and in the future. The legacy of this building deserves reverence. As such, Clark boys hold themselves to the standards expected of such a place. Our expectations are high and, as a result, every College boy emerges from his boarding school life with a keen sense of belonging, well-adjusted, and capable of handling the challenges and joys of life beyond our school walls. Bonds are formed, characters chiselled, and mediocrity is shrugged aside – for these united men of Clark House.

Housemaster Contact Details

Clark House
Kelvin Elder

Meet the Clark Housemaster

I am an intuitive individual with sound principles and morals which I convey daily, be it at home or in a professional capacity. I am a hard worker and honour my commitments and responsibilities; small details are important to me, as I expect the best from myself and from those under my leadership and care.

I am extremely privileged to be at the helm of the flagship house at this fine institution. It’s history and expectations certainly excite me. A big focus for me is to develop an environment conducive to learning and growth, where all learners are given equal opportunities to develop their own unique sense of belonging.

– Kelvin Elder

  • Looking Up: Hear From a Clark House Prefect

    “My experience in Clark House has been a special one to say the least. I have been so privileged to live in such an old and traditional house for the past four years of my life. I started out in Clark in 3rd Form at the bottom of the pile and worked my way up to 5th Form as a senior in the house. Being made a prefect in Clark’s has given me one more year at home. Clark house has become my home and the few good men of College that are a part of it have become my brothers! I have made unforgettable memories in a place that very few get the opportunity to be a part of. I am who I am today because of my experiences, lessons, and friendships in Clark House. It has taught me how to be a true man, a true College boy, and has helped me create lifelong friendships and, for that, I am forever grateful.”


    Callum Lee
    House Prefect
  • Looking Forward: Hear from a Form 3

    “When I first came to Clark House, I was as nervous as I was excited. Moving out of the Second Form house, Nathan’s, and starting my new path at College was a new beginning, an opportunity to grow and thrive. We learned the ropes of the house very easily. This is possible because of the 5th Form enforcement of the traditions of the house. We soon learned about the ‘bells’ shout on the quad, ‘lock up and wake up’, and various others. So far, my journey has been one of brotherhood, friendship, fun, and self-discovery. I also feel oddly safe whenever I enter those large wooden doors of Clark House thanks to the friendships I’ve formed, the guidance of the higher formers, the leadership of the prefects, and the approachable and fair housemasters. We often joke that Clark House should have been called Clark Home because it has become a home away from home for many of us. If anyone is looking to make friendships that will last a lifetime or to grow into the best possible version of oneself, then Clark House is the choice for you.”

    Duncan Simpson
    Form 3
  • Looking Home: Hear from a Clark Parent

    My son, Josh, was adamant that he was going to College and desperately wanted to board as well. His reasoning was that he loved College traditions. As a parent, I knew I would miss him terribly, but it was the best decision we made. He absolutely loves College and even more so loves being around his mates who now have become his brothers. His uncle was a Hudson House boy, but Josh wanted to be in the house that had all the traditions linked to it. Reading Angels, Rough and Tough, and of course Crow’s Nest, to name a few, were all part of old traditions within Clark House which he loves. As a parent of a Clark House boy, I can simply say that it’s a home away from home where discipline, compassion, and empathy all play a part of this amazing place.


    Wayne Munn
     Clark House Parent

The Layout of Clark House

Clark is housed in a distinguished, historical red brick building. The origins of our school lie within the house. As such, it is imbued with legacy. Over the years, this graceful example of local architecture has adapted to the changing needs of generations of College boys. As a result, Clark House is a comfortable home for boarders, with an undeniable kindred spirit particular to the house. The head of house resides in the Crow’s Nest and a ten-man Third dorm DOT Q (The Dorm on the Quad) stands adjacent to the old armoury. The Reading Angel and Bay Window are two other iconic dorms within the building.

Clark has a common room with a tuckshop and TV where boys congregate and relax. It also provides an extra prep space in the evenings and early mornings. The Quad is where soldiers were treated during the South African War and today reverberates with Friday night shouting and the boot polishing ritual. Juniors also sprint across this piece of history as a mark of respect.

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