All Grade 8 students at College are introduced to music through a Music Appreciation class. Those boys who wish to take the subject to Matric will benefit from a comprehensive syllabus that involves music history, theory and practice.

Grade 8 and 9

During a boy’s Grade 8 year they have the opportunity to approach the teacher for lessons in a particular instrument. If you would like your son to have lessons in a certain instrument then you are welcome to contact Mr Stickells.

By Grade 9, the students that are playing an instrument are encouraged to choose Music as one of their elective subjects, choosing between Music, Art and Drama. A student has to be taking lessons on their particular instrument to be able to do music as a subject in Grade 9.

Grade 9 Music is aimed at the development of Grade 10, 11 and 12 Music subject students and therefore will be theory and history based. All Aural and Practical requirements will be covered in practical music lessons

Practical music lessons for students in Grade 8 and 9 will be on a cyclic basis. Their practical lesson times will alter throughout the year every week and will be given to them at the beginning of each term.

Any students not wanting to do Music as a subject in Grade 10, 11 and 12, but want to carry on with their instrument, can do so on the same basis as the Grade 8 and 9s. They will have a cycling timetable. This is all dependent on the availability of the teacher for those periods.

Grades 10, 11 and 12

Subject Music is divided into four components and covers the following over the three-year course:

Music History

  • Baroque to 20th Century style periods in Western Art Music
  • Sound production and orchestral instruments and the human voice
  • Popular Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Introduction to indigenous African music and other South African genres
  • The Music industry


  • Rudiments of music
  • Harmony, melody writing and compositional techniques

Aural, Composition and Improvisation

    • Singing, clapping of rhythms
    • Melody-writing (composition)
    • The listening and analysing of musical genres
    • Analyses of musical scores
    • Arranging of compositions for orchestral instruments
    • Identifying instruments
    • Improvisation


Minimum practical requirement for music as a subject in Grade 12 is Grade Five (Trinity/Unisa/Royal Schools/RockSchool)

  • Pieces and technical work will be assessed every term
  • An ensemble piece is also included in the repertoire
  • A minimum of an hour’s daily practice is expected
  • Pupils are encouraged to play an External Practical Examination each year


Year Marks are calculated as below:

  • Practical/Aural: 150
  • Theory/History: 150
  • PAT tasks and Year Mark: 100
  • Total: 400