Assembly 29 March | Maritzburg College

Assembly 29 March

Assembly 29 March

THEME: “ POSITIVE MASCULINITY – Harnessing the power of positive masculinity “

This week we continue the Good Man Journey and we will welcome Craig Wilkinson back [Craig visited us two years ago in 2019 and focussed on the journey to manhood ]on Wednesday 31 March.  Craig will address both staff and boys in the mentor period focussing on the core virtues of positive masculinity and an interactive workshop Dads and Lads’ Build a Burger evening in the APMH.  Almost 400 father /sons have committed already which leaves just under 100 spaces left. If you haven’t committed as yet, please ask your dad or grandad, uncle, older brother or even a male staff mentor to join you for this special occasion.

Today we will focus more on that journey that you are on toward manhood and there are a number of questions and challenges that you encounter along the way:

  1. AM I ENOUGH? DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? – the simple answer is YES – you are enough ! how tall you are; how bright you are; how cool you are how funny you are – you are enough. DO NOT LET ANYONE EVER TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH . However, that does not mean you don’t want to improve yourself and be the best person that you can be
  2. DEALING WITH PEER PRESSURE – peer pressure is a terrible thing – psychologists say there’s stage in your life between 13 and 19 where being accepted by your mates and your peers is actually more important to you than life itself. RULE – if there is pressure to do something that is not true to your value system, DON’T DO IT.
  3. ITS OK TO BE VUNERABLE – society tells us you have to be tough : therefore you can’t express vulnerability, can’t be weak. Vulnerability is not weakness – the ability to share with somebody, [we looked at the topic last week of why men don’t talk TALKING ], that you are going through a really tough time and  struggling right now – ITS OK TO TALK –  can be a lifesaver. There is ALWAYS someone you can talk to in confidence
  4. FALSE MESSAGES ABOUT WHAT IT IS TO BE A MAN – sex, power , money and ‘big boys don’t cry’. IT IS A MYTH – it’s not women, it’s not power and it’s not money that makes you a man. ITS VIRTUES AND VALUES . True masculinity treats women very, very well. A true man treats a woman with tremendous respect.
  5. GOOD HABITS – Your life is built on your habit. Your body, mind, spirit, soul, career, relationships –  everything is built on the habits that you have today. Establish the right habits now: physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally
  6. AUTHENTIC MASCULINITY – masculinity is about being authentic . Every one of you is very different, very unique. To find who you really are you find and seek  a good mentor. A true man has sense of his value system  . He knows what he stands for. Find out what you stand for.




On Friday, the DBE PMB Circuit , held a special awards ceremony in the APMH where schools, learners and educators were acknowledged for excellence in the NSC 2020 examinations. 


College received recognition for the following:

  • 100% Pass rate Attainment
  • Consistent quality results over 3 years
  • Highest number of Bachelor Passes
  • Best Performing High School in the Circuit


  • Top learner in Agricultural Science – Matthew Smith
  • Top learner in Economics – Husain Moosa 100%



Our Deputy Head of Academics Mrs Finnie presented certificates of excellence to the following teachers:

  • Afrikaans FAL – Mrs C De Wet
  • Agricultural Science – Mr J Tyler
  • Business Studies – Mrs L Akermann
  • EGD – Mr G Govindasamy
  • Economics – Mr N Pillay
  • Life Orientation – Mrs P Lowe
  • Music – Mr S Stickells & Mr J Heyns


Congratulations to all our learners and staff.



Mr Swart gave an update on our co-curricular programme as a gazette from the DBE was released over the weekend with new regulations that need to be adhered to.

NB: We must at all times ensure that  we stick to these regulations as well as our normal Covid procedures to enable you to participate optimally in these activities.

We must not let our guard down.

 Pro Aris et Focis