College launches Cashloop | Maritzburg College

College launches Cashloop

College launches Cashloop

Cashless transactions at College via the Cashloop app

With all the challenges of a new school year and the constraints provided by COVID, we hope that this latest initiative will help in a small way to make your life a little easier.

Today we are launching a new way of making payments at College, using the CASHLOOP app.

Watch this video to learn more about Cashloop

2020 saw a lot of change and a new way of living and learning. Because of this, we have decided to implement the Cashloop application to enhance our current approach to health and safety, whilst providing an easy and instant way of paying, communicating and collecting at Maritzburg College.

The Cashloop app was created by three brothers, all proud Maritzburg College Old Boys and its sole purpose is to enable cashless, contactless payments in our school ecosystem. Learners will be able to pay instantly via the app at retail spaces within the school, including the Zarm Farm and our College Shoppe. This means ZERO cash. No need to give large sums of money or credit cards to boys, as you can upload and transfer to their Cashloop eWallet from yours remotely.

We kindly ask you download the Cashloop app for yourself as a parent, and for your son, in preparation for their return to school on Monday 15 February. 

Please ensure your phone’s mobile software is fully up to date to enable the app to work optimally.

 For more information please read the below or watch the ‘How to’ videos at Cashloop TV


Why did we choose the Cashloop app

A contactless cash-free solution has become a priority for businesses and schools across the country. Currently, all-digital solutions only offer a contactless payment gateway that is linked to your credit card information. This poses a high risk for learners to carry their parent’s financial information on their device. Cashloop has successfully mitigated this risk by providing a top-up and free transfer service so parents can easily manage the money their children are spending, with peace of mind that their credit card is not being abused as the only the money in the eWallet may be spent.




Instant. Secure. Payments.

Cashloop provides a secure method of instant payments by selecting the mobile number you want to pay, scanning the QR code of the recipient or using the quick pay function and transferring funds to a saved QR code you have stored. There are no overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees and no ATM-fees. Come to think of it, there are no transaction fees. Pay a once-off top up fee when you load your eWallet with funds and enjoy never paying any other costs.


Direct Communication

Cashloop has developed the ability for Maritzburg College to communicate directly to App users via the Messages system in Cashloop. Please note, you will not be able to reply to the broadcasted messages. This is a one-way communication system from Maritzburg College to you and your son.

We hope you enjoy using Cashloop. If you experience any problems with the app please contact Cashloop at or WhatsApp 0648803732.