From the Boys...For the Boys - Learning On-line #1 | Maritzburg College

From the Boys…For the Boys – Learning On-line #1

From the Boys…For the Boys – Learning On-line #1

The Highs & Lows of On-line Learning
(Declan Pillay, Form 3)

We asked our top academic achievers (boys who featured in the Top 10 in their form in Term 1 of 2020) to share some of their thoughts around on-line learning – and reach out and encourage their peers…

This is what Declan Pillay (Form 3) shared:

What have been some of the HIGHLIGHTS? 

  • Online learning and working from home, allows the individual to direct their full attention towards their school work and to complete the tasks and projects set, instead of constantly worrying about contracting the deadly virus, when being at school.
  • Although we are given a large volume of work and a timetable to follow, we are still able to pace ourselves according to how we want to work. This not only reduces the stress of learners, but also allows learners the opportunity to set their own pace, manage their own time, whilst still being able to complete the work and tasks that have been scheduled. Allows and promotes self-discipline and time management.
  • The change of environment from school to home is essential in restoring a more positive mindset and renewed energy, which will be dedicated the work, thereby producing an enhanced standard of work.


And the LOWLIGHTS?  

  • Intermittent Wi-Fi signal strength inhibits you from being able to access YouTube videos and other online study material via Microsoft Teams and D6 which upset your work schedule.
  • Although I am in the iPad class (thus being equipped with an iPad), some students would have to access work and Microsoft Teams via their mobile phones. This can be a challenge as some screens are small and not many students will be able to read off their phones very easily.
  • In addition, when using mobile phones, students can easily get distracted and may visit their social network platforms, instead of using Microsoft Teams to do their work. Self-discipline play a pivotal role here.
  • Another lowlight to note is that not every student has access to large data bundles which can hinder their learning. Fortunately I have access to this, but those who do not, will face the consequences of not completing or handing in the required work. In fact, Microsoft Team meetings can utilise up to 800Mb per hour.
  • Some students may not have a quiet environment in which they can fully focus and concentrate on their task at hand. This could result in students being frequently distracted and therefore not being able to complete their assigned tasks for the day.


What has worked BEST for you?

Having self-discipline, following my timetable whilst working at my own pace, keeping in contact with my teachers when I require assistance, checking Microsoft Teams regularly for any new tasks being posted, ensuring that I set reminders for meetings, taking notes during online lessons and diarizing the due dates for tasks and assignments.


What SUGGESTIONS would you like to share with your PEERS? 

  1. Being self-disciplined to focus on the task at hand and not on social network sites
  2. Pace yourself according your learning needs
  3. Treat the day as if it is a normal school day….we are not on holiday, relax over the weekends
  4. Communicate with your teacher via email, Teams, meetings and WhatsApp. Don’t be afraid, your teachers are always willing to assist
  5. Diarize due dates for tasks and assignments