Happiness Week 2021 | Maritzburg College

Happiness Week 2021

Happiness Week 2021

Music, Drama & Art mixed with Food & Fun in our Recognition of the Importance of Serving Others

The College campus was abuzz with a variety of activities and events to celebrate Happiness Week.  The programme, now in its 5th year, is driven by the 17 cultural societies/clubs at College.  #Kindnessiskey underpins this initiative.  The Cultural Affairs team focuses on creating different opportunities for the boys to engage in simple acts of kindness.  In addition to the outreach programme, the performance platforms encourage the boys to express their thoughts on happiness through writing, speeches, music, drama and art. In the main, Happiness Week reinforces the importance of selfless, silent service.

This year the boys’ participation in the Happiness Week programme reached new levels. Some of the items on the programme included Computer Outreach, Choral Verse presentations by the Form 2P Drama class and Art demonstrations.  The boys attempted painting Rock Art and the Senior boys were involved in portrait painting with Mr Dodd as the subject. “Beats on Barns” had the boys dancing to popular music with Tsepo Motoung at his mixing desk.  Sharuska Pillay took the boys through a series of yoga sequences to reinforce the importance of focused relaxation to create a positive mindset.  Praise poetry by the Nguni Society was passionate and colourful.  Speakers’ Corner members spoke eloquently on a variety of thought provoking topics.  The audience were attentive throughout the presentation.

The “Night of 1000 Stars”, talent show, was held in the Olivier Cultural Centre.  The energy was palpable and it was fantastic to be back in the theatre.  The performing arts continues to soar at College in all spheres. This was evident in the outstanding and diverse performances by all participants. The programme included juggling, acapella, and staff participation by Mr Cornel Myburg and Ms Donna Hutton.

The “Bread Buddies Project” is a sandwich-making initiative.  The sandwiches were distributed through Project Gateway.  The boys contributed the fillings and made the sandwiches under the supervision of the MICs.  It is amazing to watch the boys work as a team.  This year the project was expanded to include the packing of food hampers for Thandanani and a “Build-A-Burger” for the Salvation Army.

“Do your little bit of good where you; it is those little bits of good put all together that overwhelm the world” – Desmond Tutu. Happiness Week 2021 was a wonderful opportunity to spread kindness and happiness on campus and to the less fortunate in our community.