Night of a 1000 Stars | Maritzburg College

Night of a 1000 Stars

Night of a 1000 Stars

College relaunches its Annual Talent Show

The relaunch of College’s Talent Show – “Night of a 1000 stars” saw a near full house and a very lively atmosphere as a large variety of parents, schools (including our very own Maritzburg College boys) and of course the performers came together to celebrate our amazing talent.

The show opened with beautiful, calm and soothing instrumental music (piano, saxophone, ukulele, guitar), and a lovely display of vocals which the crowd responded well too.

Joy, laughter and happiness resounded along with breathtaking and entertaining madness as the theme of Happiness came alive. The audience were on their feet, enjoying the energetic, lively and joyous performances from Pharrell Williams’ – Happy, and One Direction’s – Drag me down.

More entertainment was brought with wonderful solo and group performances including lively and entertaining dances and solos as our boys’ special talents were given freedom to be expressed on the stage and stronger connections were built between the performers and audience. An outstanding highlight was definitely Hlelo Zungu’s finale rendition of O Sole Mio.