Career Guidance and Counselling at Maritzburg College

Career Guidance

More and more, boys require information and advice as to what may be ‘out there’ for them in the real world. Our new Pupil Development Centre includes an up to date and accessible career guidance facility where boys may explore various career options, subject choices and the various entrance requirements for tertiary educational institutions. Representatives from tertiary educational institutions visit this Centre to offer presentations to our learners. A member of staff is employed on a full time basis to offer backup, guidance and support to the learners.

College Career Focus

To complement the valuable career guidance offered to our boys by the Pupil Development Centre, a Career Focus Evening is held every year. The event is an expo-style evening with representatives from over 40 different careers being present. The evening is well supported and provides an opportunity for boys to engage personally with people representing the careers in which they may have an interest. The purpose is also to forge greater links with our community and develop mutually beneficial relationships.


A full time Guidance Counsellor is on hand, should learners require social and emotional counselling. The counselling facility is housed within the Pupil Development Centre and is accessible to all boys. This counselling extends to boarder pupils after hours with the Counsellor being resident on the premises.