College’s Sport Results: 23-26 April 2021 – Holiday Events

Sporting Successes from the April holidays

With the formal return to school sport, during the holidays, Maritzburg College’s teams participated in Hockey and Rugby festivals around the country, as well as in Squash, Cross Country and Golf competitions. This week sees the official start of our winter fixture season with College’s teams travelling down to Durban to play our oldest rival, DHS.

It was a very good start to the season for College’s hockey teams. Our 1st, U16A and U14A teams all took part in the inaugural KZN Schools Hockey festival from 23-25 April. Of the 15 matches played, College won 12 games, drew two and lost just the one. 

Open Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
1st St Charles 2 – 0 won
1st Glenwood 3-0 won
1st Hilton 2-1 won
1st Northwood 1-1 drew
1st DHS 3-1 won
U16A Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
16A St Charles 4-0 won
16A Glenwood 5-1 won
16A Hilton 0-0 draw
16A Northwood 1-0 won
16A DHS 1-0 won
U14A Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
14A St Charles 2-0 won
14A Glenwood 3-0 won
14A Hilton 3-2 won
14A Northwood 1-0 won
14A DHS 0-4 lost


College’s top rugby teams took part in the Red Oak/Isuzu Fichardtpark High School Rugby Festival from 23 -26 April. Our boys had a great tournament with an overall summary of results as follows:
Played 15, Won 13, Lost 2.
We look forward to a great season of winter fixtures ahead. 

1st Team Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
1st Voortrekker Bethlehem 35-17 Won
1st Diamantveld 26-8 Won
1st Duineveld 24-5 Won
2nd Team Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
2nd Sentraal 1st 28-24 Won
2nd Fichardtpark 1st 31-24 Won
2nd HTS Louis Botha 1st 29-14 Won
U16A Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
16A Fichardtpark 28-17 Won
16A Noord Kaap 47-13 Won
16A Grey Kollege 17-26 Lost
U15A Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
15A Welkom Gim 42-5 Won
15A Noord Kaap 17-16 Won
15A Grey Kollege 17-14 Lost
U14A Festival
Team Opposition Score Results
14A FichardtPark 66-5 Won
14A Noord Kaap 48-7 Won
14A Welkom Gim 40-5 Won


College boys excelled at the recent Midlands Squash tournament. Nicholas McFarland placed 1stSean Strydom 2nd and Shrivar Maharaj 5th in the U19 event, while Tilak Nana placed first in the U13 competition.


Cross Country
Cross country results from the holiday saw 4 of our boys secure places in their age categories.

U20 Junior
Scott Harvey 1st
U18 Youth
Camryn Higgins 2nd
Scot Arnold 3rd
Jonathan Werth 3rd


Well done to our College golfers; Stephan Delport finished 10th out of a field of 150 in the SA Nomads U19 Golf Championship, and Chad Newman won the KZN Junior Golf tournament.