College Choir win GOLD

Congratulations to our talented choir as well as Mrs Joni Stickells and her team,  who won GOLD at the AKTV Applous Choir  regional festival hosted by College this week. 

The annual national ATKV Applous Choir Festival is an established competition that has been running for over 30 years in South Africa, with choirs from as far as Namibia taking part.  The festival starts off with regional festivals taking place all over the country during the month of May.  More than 130 choirs have entered the festival this year. 


Our boys gave a pre-competition performance for the school in the Alan Paton Hall at assembly earlier in the week


Maritzburg College hosted the regional festival for the Pietermaritzburg area this year, and it took place in the Victoria Hall.  We are very fortunate to have this beautiful hall with acoustics that are ideal for choir performances.  Two other choirs also took part in our regional festival, namely Wembley College and PMB Girls’ High School.  The Choir performed extraordinarily well and received a well-deserved  Gold certificate for their efforts. 

The program that the choir had to perform consisted of the following types of pieces: Two Afrikaans songs (of which one is a prescribed piece that all choirs in the same category has to sing), an own choice song in any language and style, and a South African traditional song.  One of the Afrikaans songs and the traditional song was by far the choir’s most favourite to sing, and was very well received by the audience.  

We are extremely proud of these boys, who have been very committed in their preparation for this performance, and has most certainly reaped the rewards. 


Enjoy watching our talented boys’ performance here