End of Year Circular | Maritzburg College

End of Year Circular

End of Year Circular

4th Term letter from Mr C Luman

Dear Parents

We collectively have come to the end of what has been a tremendously trying time for all concerned in the College community. No one has been left unscathed by the effects of Covid-19 and it will undoubtedly be around well in 2021. We can only hope and pray that an effective vaccination is rolled out sooner than later and that our boys, in particular, may experience a better all-round year than 2020. I wish to thank you all for your continued support of the school and for honouring your financial commitments which has enabled us to continue paying our staff, who have all worked around the clock to provide a top-class education.



The following dates apply for the academic school year:

First Term                                     Wednesday 27 January to Wednesday 31 March
Second Term                                Monday 12 April to Friday 25 June
Third Term                                    Tuesday 13 July to Thursday 23 September
Fourth Term                                 Monday 4 October to Wednesday 8 December[official closing date]



Boarders are required to report as follows:
First Term
Form 2: Sat 23 January between 09:00 & 10:30 [Registration in reception]
Forms 3 and 6: Tues 26 January by 15:00 [Tea in Clark House quad]
Form 4 and 5: Tues 26 January by 19:00

Second Term
All Boarders: Sun 11 April by 19:00

Third Term
All Boarders: Mon 12 July by 19:00

Fourth Term
All Boarders: Sun 3 October by 19:00



First Term                     Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 March
Second Term                Friday 21 May [School Holiday] Saturday 22 May and Sunday 23 May
Third Term                    Saturday 14 August and Sunday 15 August



In addition to the dates listed above, parents of boarders may exercise the option of having their sons out for one or two Optional Weekends each term. The optional weekend is particularly designed to assist you to plan for special family occasions and must be recognised by the boys as a privilege not to be abused. Permission for such “optional” weekends may be obtained directly from the Housemasters of Clark, Nathan, Hudson, Shepstone or Elliott Houses.

Parents are requested to adhere to the BE and School rules as far as requests and collection of their sons are concerned.



Please take careful note of the proposed dates for the examinations in 2020.

Mid-Year                                       Monday 31 May to Monday 21 June
Trials                                               Friday 27 August to Friday 17 September
Year-End                                        Monday 8 November to Monday 29 November
National Senior Certificate         Dates awaited from the Department of Education




It is important that parents attend these evenings.
Form 6                         Wednesday 21 July [boys to attend with parents]
Form 5                         Wednesday 28 July [boys to attend with parents]
Form 4                         Wednesday 4 August [boys to attend with parents]
Form 3                         Tuesday 18 May
Form 2                         Tuesday 25 May



Form 6                        Tuesday 26 January
|It is essential that all Form 6 boys and their parents attend this evening, as important information regarding the matric exams will be discussed.

Form 3                        Thursday 15 July
The Form 3 information evening is to assist third form boys with their subject choices for the senior phase, and all Form 3 boys and their parents should attend.

Career Focus             Tuesday 13 May
Representatives from a wide variety of careers will be available to chat informally to boys about their chosen careers. This is particularly relevant to Form 3 and Form 5 boys and will be compulsory for these grades.



Parents are informed that the following Leadership Camps are being planned for 2021.|
5th Form – Spirit of Adventure
Monday 8 March – Friday 12 March (2 groups)

2nd Form – Spirit of Adventure
Sunday 19 Sept – Thursday 23 September (2 groups)

3rd Form – Roselands
Sunday 19 Sept – Thursday 23 September (2 groups)

4th Form – Cobham Berg Hike
Sunday 19 Sept – Thursday 23 September (All together)



Below are important dates for the first term – further details will be provided in the Term Calendar.

Monday 18 January                Finance Department and College Shoppe opens
Friday 22 January                    Reception opens
Saturday 23 January              2nd Form boarders arrive
Monday 25 January                Teaching staff start, and 2nd Form day boys arrive
Tuesday 26 January                3rd to 6th Form boarders arrive & 6th Form Information Evening.
Wednesday 27 January         Term 1 starts
|Friday 12 February                 New Parents Information Evening
Tuesday 23 February             NSC Results released
Friday 5 & 19 March              Governing Body Parent Elections [Round 1 & 2]
Sat 13 & Sun 14 March         Free Weekend
|Wednesday 31 March           Term 1 ends



We welcome the following new staff:

Mrs A Maistry                           English Educator & Assistant Subject Head of English
Mr B de Lange                          English Educator
Mrs M Saib                                English Educator
Mrs L Campher                        EMS and Accounting Educator
Mr S Siwila                                 Director of Basketball/Geography and Phys Ed Educator
Mr H Kriek                                Director of Rugby/Life Sciences Educator
Mrs A Kriek                               Mathematics Educator
Mr C Myburgh                          History Educator
Mr J Orton                                Creative Arts/Dramatic Arts Educator
Mr N Haswell                            Director of Soccer/Phys Ed Educator
Mr A Landman                         Strength and Conditioning Assistant
Mrs S Elliot                                Estates Administrator
Mr G Haripersad                      Finance Clerk
|Mr W du Plessis                       Recruitment Officer

Congratulations to the following staff on their promotions:
Mr N Thembela                       HOD Learner Well-being and Pastoral Support
Mr D Sherriff                           Director of Aquatics
Mr A Moodley                          College Shoppe Manager
Mr V Munemo                         Building Maintenance Handyman
Mr G Le Roux                          Assistant Day Housemaster: Lamond
Mr M Marwick                        Subject Head of History


STAFF 2020

Executive Committee

Headmaster                                                            Mr C Luman
Senior Deputy Head – Pastoral Care                Mr I Talke
Deputy Head –Academics                                   Mrs J Finnie
Deputy Head – Boarding                                     Mr R Kyle
Deputy Head – Co-Curricular                             Mr B Swart
Deputy Head – Admissions & Discipline         Mr M Marwick
Deputy Head – Operations                                  Mr D Maistry
|Commercial Director                                           Mr S Jager
Director of College Business                               Mr K Smith
Secretary                                                                 Mrs S Calmeyer

College Psychologist Mrs C-M Griffiths

Heads of Department – State
Maths and Maths Literacy, IT and CAT             Mr J Maistry
History, Geography, Technology, GRDS & LO Mr N Sutherland
English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Music, Drama & Art Mrs R Govender
Life Science, Agric Sciences, Natural Sciences and Physical Science                  Mr D Maistry
Economics, EMS, Bus Studies & Accounting    Mr N Pillay


Heads of Department – Governing Body
Discipline:                                                                     Mr G Dorling
Leadership:                                                                  Mr A Sparrow
|Learner Well-being and Pastoral Support:          Mr N Thembela
Prefects:                                                                        Mr N Sutherland


Barns                                                            Mrs M-A Rembold
Calder                                                           Mr M Reed
Commons                                                    Mr D Trodd
Forder                                                          Mrs L Akerman
|Fuller                                                          Mr T Orchard
Lamond                                                       Miss A Greyling
Nicholson                                                    Mr G Govindasamy
Pape                                                              Mr J Tyler
|Snow                                                            Mr R Paterson
|Strachan                                                      Mr N Duvenage 

Boarding Housemasters
Clark House                                                 Mr R Barbour
Elliott House                                               Mr C Fraser
Hudson House                                            Mr K Emerson
Nathan House                                             Mr D Hoffman
Shepstone House                                       Mr R Chirengende

Subject Heads|
Accounting                                                          Mr G Stewart
Afrikaans                                                             Mrs C de Wet
Agricultural Sciences                                       Mr J Tyler
Business Studies                                               Mrs L Akerman
Careers Guidance                                             Mrs L dos Santos
CAT                                                                     Ms K Moula
Creative Arts & Dramatic Arts                     Mrs K Thaver
Economics                                                        Mr N Pillay
EMS                                                                   Ms L Campher
Engineering Graphics & Design                   Mr B Bosch
English                                                               Mrs R Govender
Geography                                                          Mrs B Harris
History                                                                  Mr M Marwick
Information Technology                                Mr J Maistry
isiZulu                                                                   Mr S Mhlongo
Library & Information Resources               Mr R Gutteridge
Life Orientation                                                 Ms P Lowe
Life Science                                                         Mr R Paterson
Mathematics                                                      Mrs F Deyzel
Mathematical Literacy                                   Mr M Jeewan
Music                                                                   Mr S Stickells
Natural Sciences                                               Mrs S Kritzinger
Physical Education                                           Mr N Duvenage
Physical Science                                                Mrs L Couperthwaite
Technology                                                         Mr G Govindasamy
Visual Arts                                                          Mrs S Osborne

Aquatics                                     Mr D Sherriff
Basketball                                  Mr S Suwila
Cricket                                         Mr K Nipper
Cultural Affairs                         Mrs K Thaver
Digital Learning                        Mr J Maistry
Hockey                                        Mr R Jones
Music & Performing Arts        Mr S Stickells
Rugby                                          Mr H Kriek
|Soccer                                         Mr N Haswell

Co-ordinators of Cultural Activities
Afrikaans Society                     Mrs G Talke
Art Club                                      Mr B Dodd
Camera Club                             Mrs D Gademan
Choirs                                          Mrs J Stickells
College Cues                             Mrs K Thaver
College for Christ                    Mr R Barbour
Debating                                  Mrs L Couperthwaite
Enviro Club                             Mrs D Dickens
Hindu Society                         Mr M Jeewan
Interact                                     Mrs D Dickens
MC Ink                                     Mr R Gutteridge
Media Centre Monitors        Mr R Gutteridge
Muslim Society                       Ms K Moula
Nguni Society                           Mr S Mhlongo
Sound & Lighting Society     Mr S Stickells
Speakers’ Circle                       Mr B Swart
Tech Squad                                Mrs C Moodley


Co-ordinators of Sporting Codes
Athletics                                     Mr M Kritzinger
Aquatics                                     Mr D Sheriff
Basketball                                  Mr S Suwila
Canoeing                                    Mr B van der Walt
Chess                                           Mr N Thembela
Cricket                                        Mr S Sinclair
Cross Country                           Mrs L Akerman
Cycling                                       Mr J Tyler
E-Sports                                    Mr M Dibben
Golf                                            Mr D Trodd
Hockey                                        Mr K Emerson
Rugby                                          Mr R Chirengende
Shooting                                     Mr G Govindasamy
Soccer                                         Mr M Dibben
Squash                                        Mr C Nevay
Table Tennis                              Mr N Pillay
Tennis                                          Mrs M Troveri



Social Awareness

Social Awareness Forum               Mr N Thembela
Social Awareness Council              Mrs R Govender


Academic Professional Committee

Mr S Mhlongo
Mrs L-A Moffatt
Mrs C Randall


Educator Representatives on the Governing Body [to March 2021]

Mrs L Akerman
Mrs L-A Moffatt


College Business

Director of College Business                      Mr K Smith
Head of Marketing                                      Mrs S Upfold
Maritzburg College Foundation               Mrs C van der Merwe
Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Assoc       Ms S Buchanan-Clarke


Employment Equity

EE Manager                                                        Ms V Chedie




We wish to advise parents that from the start or 2021 we will return to the standard routine used in 2019 and at the start of 2020. For ease of reference below are the daily times.


2021 Daily Routine

07:25 School Starts
07:30 07:45 House Assemblies/Mentor Registration
07:50 08:35 Lesson 1
08:40 09:25 Lesson 2
09:30 10:15 Lesson 3
10:20 11:05 Lesson 4
11:05 11:30 Tea Break
11:35 12:20 Lesson 5
12:25 13:10 Lesson 6
13:15 14:00 Lesson 7
14:00 14:40 Lunch Break
15:10 17:00 Sport/ Cultural Activities