Assembly 11 September: Start of Term 4

THEME: Dedication at the start of Term 4

We welcomed Rev Collin Moore to deliver our opening dedication service and sermon. We also welcome OC Mlondi Majola who will conduct a prayer

In his address to the boys and staff, Rev Moore highlighted an important and highly relevant message for the final term of 2021 – We are never beyond God’s reach and its never too late to reach out to Him, and admit we need help. Using the story of Jonah and the whale, he reminded us to stop running away and hiding from God, especially when times are difficult and tough, but to rather repent, admit when you have done wrong or not done what you should have, and ask for help. God WILL find you and save you but you need to live up to your responsibilities with purpose and peace.

Congratulations to 6th form boys who achieved excellently in the recent Trials Exams, receiving academic awards. Details are found here.

Over the October holidays, College took part in a number of Sporting events, festivals and tournaments.

Full details from all of these are on the website here.

Thank you to all the staff, coaches /managers /scorers who hosted Michaelmas or who travelled away to these events with our teams – it is greatly appreciated.
We wish all teams and their coaching staff all the best for the Term 4 fixtures

Our 6th form Leavers Ball held last term was a great success. Thank you to all the staff, parents and senior prefects and RCL who assisted with this event. Photos from the event have been shared with all the 6th form boys. A highlights video of the arrivals courtesy of DigiTV can be watched here.

Academic focus from Day 1
For our 6th formers – there are just 7 more school days.

A Mathematics clinic was held for four days in the holidays –  thank you to the staff who provided this ideal opportunity for remediation. Unfortunately only approx. 50 boys took advantage of this free offer.

ALL subject teachers will be following a remediation programme for the rest of the teaching time available which will include going over the Trial Examination paper as a minimum. If you are struggling in any areas please talk to your teacher in the first instance. Boys who have failed a subject should take advantage of attending additional lessons that are provided after school as well.

Please attend those classes. It is not too late to make a difference  but YOU must take control of your own academic destiny now.

For the rest of the school, you have 14 days until your final examinations for the year commence. It is essential that you are also focussed 100% from today onwards on your academic endeavours and revisiting your goals. Your teachers are not going to accept second rate or shoddy work and effort so be prepared. It is quite simple take pride in your work and strive to do your best. They will assist you in getting there but it also ultimately also your responsibility.

Prepare a revision programme which needs to start tonight and focus on subjects that require additional attention in more detail. Please set the bar higher as one of our goals for the year is a growth mindset. Do not settle for second rate effort or work.

Sport commitments
A reminder that you need to meet your sporting and cultural society responsibilities until the end of the programme. Those all start today.

Mon 11 October
6th Form academic remediation programme starts
Golf: KZN Schools Champs [Kloof]
Goldstones Club Meeting

Tue 12 October
NSC Final Exam [Visual Art Prac] (Lesson 1-7)
Photographs: Sport & Cultural 

Wed 13 October
NSC Final Exam [Visual Art Prac]
Photographs: Sport & Cultural
2021 Prefects’ Dinner [VH]

Thurs 14 October
Photographs: Sport & Cultural
SC Final Exam [Visual Art Prac]
6th Form Old Boys’ Induction [APMH]

Fri 15 October
NSC Final Exam [Visual Art Prac]
1st XV Rugby Dinner [VH]
Water polo: KZN Top 10 Tournament [1st team Clifton; U15 Westville & u14 Northwood]

Sat 16 October
Summer sports fixtures vs Northwood [A]
All fixture details will be posted on the College Sport App and D6

I wish you all a very good week and a successful term.

Pro Aris et Focis