Academic News – Top Tips for Exams


1. Get Organized

  • An important key for success is organization. Make sure that your books and notes are up to date.
  • Good time management skills will help you to become more organized and waste less time preparing to study.
  • Make sure that you check the scopes on

2. Start Studying Early

  • It is very important that you start preparing for tests well in advance
  • By the start of the tests you should have all your mind maps or summary notes done and have memorised most of them so all that is left to do is concentrate on past papers during the exam time.

3. Get Answers to Your Questions

  • If you are having difficulty understanding a topic or have unanswered questions, discuss them with your teacher.

4. Past Papers

  • These are one of the most important preparation tools, and are vital for thorough preparation.
  • Past papers get you used to the style of questioning and what is required of an answer.
  • You should be doing these from the week before the exam and marking them with the memo critically to ensure that you will be awarded maximum marks for questions.

5. Relax

  • If you have followed the above steps you will be well prepared and so it is imperative that you have a good night’s rest and wake up feeling ready and calm for the exam.
  • Late night cramming is counter-productive and is more likely to cause “blanks” during the exam due to stress and fatigue, rather than help you remember that section of work you went through at 3 am that morning.

Remember, luck has nothing to do with it…